We are a team of experts on a mission.

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We sense risk to save lives, businesses & communities.

Threats to
Corporate Value
Protecting your
principles & relationships.

Threats to
National Security
Defending citizens
& institutions.

Threats to
Preserving communities
& customs.

Our Approach

We’re inspired by insights.

By transforming external data into actionable intelligence using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we’re able to find the needle in the haystack, the blind spot in the boardroom and insider threats.


Collect Data

Create custom ecosystems to harness external data in search of hidden problems living in the web.


Apply Our Algorithms

Explore data with purpose-built machine learning algorithms.


Engage Analysts

Dive deeper into the data and compare findings using predictive analytics.

Our Support

We work with diverse industries.

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Protecting against regulatory risks and insider threats.

Global 2000 Companies

Identifying strategic, physical and reputational risks before they surface.

Foreign & Domestic Governments

Providing actionable intelligence to protect against physical threats.

Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality

Illuminating risks associated with venues and high-profile  events.

Financial & Banking Services

Predicting and pinpointing anti-money laundering and business risks.


A suite of risk sensing services.

Do you have a unique area of risk you’d like to discuss?

General Risk Sensing Suites

Deep web analysis bringing your risk to light.

Physical Security

Services to help protect public safety.

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Compliance & Litigation

Defense against financial crimes.

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Brand Reputation

Preserve the trust of your consumers.

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Specialized Risk Sensing

Our ever-expanding packages of mission-focused products.


Working as partners to mitigate the opioid crisis and more.

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Giving your boardroom the predictive insights it desires.

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