Proactive, Predictive, and Preventative

Disrupting Legacy Processes With Artificial Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence

Radiance OS-INT


Radiance OS-INT is a deep-web listening tool that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess and prioritize risk.


OS-INT scours publicly available data across the entire Internet, correlating names entered into the system with content related to 20 different risk factors. Searches provide near-instant results, delivering meaningful, actionable intelligence to identify and prevent risk.


OS-INT searches take an average of 4-5 minutes and include more than 23,000 search terms across risk factors and equates to 465,880 manual web searches.  The simple user-interface provides access to full results in just two clicks.  A manual search of this scope would take one person more than 194 weeks to complete.

Internet Intelligence

Radiance NET-INT


Radiance NET-INT detects means, motivation and target for attack planning, providing timely and actionable intelligence. The system’s proprietary algorithms continuously monitor, capture and prioritize IP addresses consuming content across multiple risk dimensions.


In addition to NET-INT’s continuous monitoring, the system also allows for searches of known IP addresses, producing all URLs accessed by the address.  Results are nearly instantaneous, and accessed with just three clicks on the computer’s mouse.


The platform collects and stores more than a million interactions every day and since its inception has recorded more than 623,000 IP addresses engaged with risk topics related to extremist and violent behaviors.

Human Intelligence

Radiance HUM-INT


Radiance HUM-INT is powered by the S4 app. Lumina S4 is a crowd-sourced, mobile application that helps keep critical infrastructures, workplaces, schools, public venues and our communities safe.  App users can confidentially and anonymously report suspicious activity in real time. 


Information submitted through the app is sent to the appropriate authorities, so they can take action if needed. Tips from Lumina S4 have aided local authorities in their investigations and provided schools with information to proactively address critical issues with their students. A centralized management portal allows clients to access real-time threats to geo-fenced facility locations.